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Outprints & Imprints

Outprints and Imprints are a beautiful way to capture little hands and feet, taking a snapshot in time. Newborns, siblings and families (including our furry friends!) can have their prints taken with us at our Kenilworth studio.

Imprints are prints taken into clay; they are dried carefully and slowly before their first 'bisque firing' in the kiln. Once fired, they are decorated in a coloured underglaze of your choice before a second firing takes place. 

Outprints are prints taken into salt dough and cast in plaster; they too are carefully and slowly dried to prevent cracking. Once fully dry, they are painted with a black or white acrylic paint and a metallic guilding wax or a coloured chalk is added to highlight the creases and markings of the prints.


Prints can be framed in your choice of a white, wooden or black box frame and take approximately 4-5 weeks to complete. We offer dedicated 'Imprint & Outprint Studio days' ~ check out our Upcoming Events Calendar for our next dates and drop us an email to book in for your 1:1 appointment (booking essential).    

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