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Outprints & Imprints

Outprints and Imprints are a beautiful way to capture little hands and feet, taking a snapshot in time. Newborns, siblings and families (including our furry friends!) can have their prints taken with us at our Kenilworth studio.

Imprints are prints taken into clay; they are dried carefully and slowly before their first 'bisque firing' in the kiln. Once fired, they are decorated in a coloured underglaze of your choice before a second firing takes place. 

Outprints are prints taken into salt dough and cast in plaster; they too are carefully and slowly dried to prevent cracking. Once fully dry, they are painted with a black or white acrylic paint and a metallic guilding wax or a coloured chalk is added to highlight the creases and markings of the prints.


Prints can be framed in your choice of a white, oak or black box frame and take approximately 4-5 weeks to complete.

Book an Outprint or Imprint Appointment with us

Due to the fragile process of taking outprints and imprints, they are only available to print on 'Open Studio Days' at our Kenilworth Home Studio. Please check out our Upcoming Events Calendar for a date that suits you and complete the form below. We'll then be in touch to arrange your appointment.

Thank you for your request, we will be in touch as soon as we can.
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