Working alongside our Silver Specialist, and in addition to our pottery, we offer silver jewellery and leather keyrings with your child or children's prints.

An 'inkless print' of your child's hand and foot is taken and this is used digitally to create the jewellery. We keep all of our prints on file at the studio so, in years to come, you are able to have sibling prints together on one piece, or to order further items if you would like.

We take 'inkless prints' without charge at any of our events, so please let us know during your appointment if this is something you are interested in. If you would prefer, we are more than happy to post a kit out for you to take the prints yourself, avoiding the need to visit our studio or a pop-up event. Your order can then be arranged via email and your beautiful keepsake posted directly to you.

Silver Jewellery and Leather Keyrings

Pendant Necklaces ~ £95

(Chain Included)

Decending Heart Necklaces

Two Hearts £160 ~ Three hearts £215

(Chain Included)


Round £110 ~ Square £120


Pendant Charm £70 ~ Rustic Bead £90

Connector ~ £15

Silver Keyrings


Leather Keyrings