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Silver Keepsake Jewellery and Gifts

Our stunning Silver Keepsakes give you the opportunity to capture a loved one's hand and foot or fingerprint in beautiful silver. Ideal for Mothers or Fathers Day presents. Silver Keepsakes also make memorable wedding , Valentine's, anniversary and birthday gifts.  When possible, we would want to provide Memory Keepsakes at a discounted price if you have recently lost or are at risk of losing a child.

How this works

A silver keepsake couldn't be easier to do from your point of view.

To create a Fingerprint we press your child's or loved one's finger into silicone putty and that is all that needs to be done. Children do not develop fingerprints until they are at least one year old, so a fingerprint is not a really suitable keepsake for small babies. 

Hand and footprints can be done from birth. We wipe your child's or partner's hand or foot with a special wipe, take a print on "magic" paper and then scan the image into our computer. It doesn't matter how big or small the hand or footprints are because we reduce the size of the print and produce a stamp. The technique can also be used to create images from children's writing or drawings. This service can also be done by post if you live further than 25 miles from CV32 or CV8 as it is a fairly simple process for you to take a print yourself. Any smudges can be removed using computer technology.

Our Silver Keepsakes are made from 99.9% fine silver. Prices start at £80.00 for a necklace and charm, £80.00 for a keyring and £65.00 for a bracelet charm.

All keepsakes are are available in a range of shapes and designs. Please do contact us for more information.

"After using Crazy Kiln 3 times, I must say I have had the best service around. Lovely quality products that are perfect for gifts! Even managed to get my babies footprints which were beautiful for my families birthdays" Penny from Stratford

"Hi Diana, Just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful necklace. I am completely in love with it. It is like I have a piece of Finley no matter where I am. Finley is also fascinated with it, he keeps holding it like he knows he did the prints" Chantelle