Products & Prices


Prices are based on our simple designs which make your child's hand or foot print the focus of the piece. Back at the studio, we add wording and simple decorations to compliment the print in your choice of colours. Many of our designs transform a hand or foot print into a character or animal with an additional £5 added to the price for these designs. We do love trying out new ideas and getting creative so if there is a design you would like to commission, please get in touch and we will be able to discuss your ideas and give you a quote.

Plaques and Tiles:

Coasters or Hangers £15

Hanging Heart Plaques £20 

Wooden Framed Tiles £25

Boxed White Framed Tiles £35

Framed 'LOVE' Tiles £60


Medium Round Plate £25

Large Round Plate £30

Medium Heart Plates £25

Large Heart Plates £30

Rectangular Tray Plates £25

Pizza Plates £35

Large Oval Plates £45

Mugs and Jugs:

Mugs - £20

Latte, large Mug, Cappuccino and Tea Cups - £25

Small Jug £25

Large Jug £35

Vases, Jars and Flower Pots 

Pen Pots £20

Small Oval Vases £25

Classic Vases £30

Cylinder Vase £35

Cone Vase £35

Large Cone Vase £40

Medium Plant Pots £35

Large Plant Pots £40

Small Cookie Jar £25

Medium Cookie Jar £35

Large Cookie Jar £40

Clocks and Photoframes:

Photoframes £35 

Clocks £35

Large Family Clocks £45

Crazy for Christmas:

Standard Simple Baubles (Hand/foot print) £20 each (Large baubles £25)

Standard Character baubles £25 each (Large Baubles £30)

Medium Christmas Eve Plates £30

Large Christmas Eve Plates £35

We keep baubles in stock all year round and are happy to print Christmas designs at any point of the year!

Silver Jewellery and Leather Keyrings:

Leather Keyrings £45

Silver Keyrings £95

Bracelet Charms £70

Pandora Bead Charms £90

Necklaces from £95

Round Cufflinks from £110

Square Cufflinks from £120

Imprints and Outprints

Imprints are made by pressing a hand or foot into soft clay. 

Outprints are cast in plaster. With the hand or foot pressed into salt dough and the mould is cast in plaster.

Framed Outprints and Imprints start at £75 for a baby hand and foot. 

Please get in touch if you would like Outprints or Imprints with older children or with sibling/family groups and we will be able to discuss your ideas and give you a quote.

Pet Paw Prints:

Clay Imprints or Plaster Outprints.

From £60 for a single framed print. 

Commissioned pieces: 

Many of our pieces can be designed to mark special occasions and celebrations. Plates and large bowls work well for guests to sign or add their thumb print at weddings. Piggy banks or specially designed plates are  great for Christenings or special birthdays. 

Do get in touch if you have a special occasion that you would like us to create a design for.


Our seasonal offers change throughout the year - please get in touch to find out more about our current offers.

Payment Options:

Full payment is taken when your order is placed with Crazy Kiln. Cash and card payment methods including Apple pay are accepted. 

Paying for Parties:

 In the case of party bookings, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your date and full payment is to be made by the day of the party.